NYC curbside delivery from Uniques.

We offer curbside delivery of auction purchases about a week after the modern design auctions. We come to your location and meet the bidder on the curb and the bidder takes the item from there. We can leave items with doormen, but we cannot bring items up or leave the truck. Email us at [email protected] for more info.


The pricing: Our Minimum stop charge is $125. This can be for a pair of table lamps or could be for 3 pairs of table lamps. Items like Credenzas and Dining tables start at $195. 

Insurance: We pad the items well and we are careful, we have completed over 2,000 deliveries to NYC alone, but the nature of moving items, anything can happen. If you would like insurance the extra cost is 5% of the item value.  This is on top of the delivery charge. If insurance is not purchased, bidder is assuming the risk of moving the item, including possible complete loss of item. Just like if you were moving the item yourself.

Sample prices: A pair (or 4) of metal floor lamps: $125.
A 36×50 framed oil painting $125
A chandelier, 2 lamps and an office chair: $195.
Set of 6 Dining chairs $225
84″ Sofa $325
Double dresser and 3 lamps $195
4 Knoll chairs, 2 dining tables and a desk $295
A credenza, a pair of Lounge Chairs, a coffee table: $325.
Large 6pc sectional $595


The Process: We do not give quotes before the auction, please use the sample prices and video as a gauge.
1. After you receive your auction invoice,
Pay for your purchases.
2. Reply to the invoice and
Ask for a NYC curbside quote.
3. Once quote received,
Pay for the delivery to secure a spot on the route. The truck fills up fast.
4. On the day before the delivery, we send an email
confirming the delivery address, the delivery route map (like the one below) and an estimated time frame for delivery, as well as a GPS tracking link for the delivery truck and a contact text/phone number for the delivery driver. Respose confirming the details by the buyer is required. If we bring the item to NYC and the details are incorrect or there is no one to receive the item, the item will come back to our location and charges are still due for the delivery attempt.

Email us at [email protected] for more info.