Decorative Arts, Chinese Porcelains, Art Nouveau

4pcs Chinese Bowls. Yaun Sung,Ming. H 2 x W 6.5 x D 6.5 H 2.5 x W 6.2

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4pcs Chinese Bowls. Yaun Sung, Ming. H 2 x W 6.5 x D 6.5 H 2.5 x W 6.25 x D 6.25 H 2.5 x W 6.25 x D 6.25

Dimensions: H: 3.25 inches: W: 7.75 inches: D: 7.75 inches —

Condition: Small blemishes.

Important Message: These items were originally collected by American Diplomat John Tabor in the 1960s in China, Korea, and Japan. Mr Tabor was an American diplomat in Asia. This portion of the collection was purchased from Mr Tabor in the early 1980s by Maryland collector and left stored until now.