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Address for Pick up: Uniques & Antiques • 2500 Market St • Upper Chichester PA 19014

Hours: Monday – Thursday 10-5PM

6% PA sales tax will be collected.  If the buyer has a sales tax resale number, a PA sales tax exemption form must completed.


The following list includes Packing and Moving companies which many customers have had success with. We do not endorse any of these companies. You are free to choose any method for shipping. Once we release your item to your chosen shipper, we have completed delivery. Please buy insurance to cover the risk of shipping.

Mail Service Center – Mike Kaufman     
Call: 610-872-5662
[email protected]

New Castle Mailbox –
Call: 302-991-0121
[email protected]

Philadelphia Mail Room – Craig Vogin –
Call: 215-745-1100
[email protected]




Click here for quotes TIPS FOR USHIP: Estimate the weight as close as you can. Dimensions of items are all listed in the catalog. A typical credenza weighs 125 lbs. is a shipper and mover marketplace. Post your job and shippers bid on the work. Choose your shipper based on price and feedback.

Nicolas Prechaniuk
Regularly moves through the east coast, Florida to New England.
text or call: 973-803-6059
[email protected]

Matt Shupe – SHUPE shipping East coast to west coast
[email protected]
Call or text: 973-223-0290 

Elite Transport – Kenny Trent –Regularly moves through the east coast to Texas.
text is best: 314-281-0192
[email protected]

Alfarouk Majid
East coast shipper between Miami and NY and Boston
Call or Text: 864-328-4109
[email protected]

CDR Logistics – Steven D Turner
California, Colorado and West

Call or Text: 419-283-8203
s[email protected]


Billy Mac Delivery – California and West
Call or text: 215-285-4840
[email protected]

Outward Bound Courier Logistics • Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest to Chicago – Artwork, Antiques and Furniture
Alan and Ben Anderson
Text or call: 413-854-3676
[email protected]

Kevin Sweeney – Regularly moves to Florida every 4 weeks and Chicago every 8 weeks.
text or call: 610-304-2282
[email protected]

JM Shipping – Jakob Maier  California and North West
Call or text: 425-923-9660
[email protected]

Plycon Vanlines– National mover with online quotes.


North Wind Transport – Wendy Buckus – California, West, Midwest

Call or text: 603-491-5199

[email protected]

TO CANADA (Ontario and Quebec) – CANSHIPUS – Steve Fleury 905-301-4866

[email protected]

TO CANADA – AML Delivery Services – Wayne Llewellyn 289-251-7565

[email protected]